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going somewhere

Well I'm definitely going somewhere today...
We planned Vallejo and San Francisco but now maybe sacramento or LA(nooo jkjk too far)

Well this is my outfit!

Ignore the background!! Shshshhshshshahhahha

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October 2010

1st sunrise of October 2010...
Took it while getting ready to go to school..
Right now lazily typing this hearing the homecoming football game from all the way here to our highschool! Screams of people! Hahahaha I was planning to go but didn't since I'm lazy like that...
Come on it's Friday.

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i'm back!
i wasnt gone for too long ne?
what i'm up to that just started yesterday:
i'm trying to play poker face by lady gaga on piano
it's not that i'm good...i'm actually slow on learning...
i'm still on the intro and it's going to be hard to have both of my hands play at the same time
playing the left and right hand parts is the hardest part on playing the piano
and the truth is i dont even know how to read notes ack!
yeah i'm just a beginner...

i wish i could write a blog from my phone so it could be easier ne?
well this is just an update so bye byee

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well, helllo!
it's been a long time since i've been here!!
it's is super hot here in California!!
i got really tanned when I went swimming
well i've been so busy these last few weeks because of finals
I,m going to graduate 8th grade on May 21
this girl in youtube is super awesome!!!
she's japanese and she makes hair tutorial videoes!!
and i love them!!! i just wish i have a longer hair!!!!!
well here is my favorite tutorial from her:

i tried to do it but it just doesn't work!!!
my layered hairs keep on falling out of the bow!!!!
anyways, her hair is super pretty!!! i love it!
that's all~~ bye(this is a naruto right?)

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hello!!!! i saw these blog that give very cute themes for FC2 blog...but unfortunately i don't know how to put them because i can't understand japanese!!!! TT__TT sadenning!!!!
anyways here are the links;
you should visit these blogs!!!!

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