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errrrr.... i have no life so I was not doing anything today.
THEN! i decided to go to topshop.com and see products that i WANTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was really satisfied on looking...ugh how i wish i was shopping and i have all the money in the world so that i can get everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capture.png Capture2.png
lace and batwinged! OMG
^^ the shrug is just something to add layers on the outfit and give it more dimension to it
i want it!


this top just looks cool! especially with heavy metal accessories!

definitely dress-y and girly!

^^ i've been loooonging to have a leather jacket! and these have shearlings in them and it's just sooo in since it's winter!

Capture6.pngi just love this dress.Capture10.pngCapture11.pngCapture18.png

well..i'm just going to post the pics... they will speak for themselves on why i really really want them!



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suupe cute bag!

I just want to post this: IT"S THE CUTEST BAG EVAAAARRRRR>>>
urban outfitters

well some people might not agree with me.. i really really want it! aghhh if i only have money...*thats m-o-n-e-y so sexy--sorry for the random quoting of Lady Gaga's Money honey

just bored...
it's sunday meaning it's Monday tomorrow and theres school...

oh yeah since it's ALMOST Chirstmas we should all do a wishlist!

(even though i won't ever get them... nut hey it free to wish for gifts rightttt?

hahaha ^^^^ well that bag is going in my wishlist!

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Topic : Today's Style Genre: Fashion

There's a delia*s giveaway in their site

it's a traveling trousseau and there are 12 PAIRS OF JEANS; 12 PAIRS OF BOOTS; 12 SHIRTS!!!!!

it's your chance to have a NEW CLOSET!


here's the link:


this contest is only for US residents.
I just want to share it to people! i already entered it myself.
i wish i win... but there's a lot of people entering but thats ok!

so enter now! it ends on DEC 6 2010 @ 11:59 EST

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Well its weekdays! So there nothing better to do than go to school! Right? Oh yeah

Well every school day is almost always the same.. Except if it like totally the worst day or it's the slowest day EVAR!
There are no best day whatsoever..

well today was one of those normal daysssss

I rarely post a blog on school days but here I am!

This was actually my outfit yesterday...

...just a normal outit... Jeans shirt.. You know..

Well yesterday I ate this but today I ate this too!!!

I just plainly love chocolate! LOVE FERRERO!

Well well well....
My neatest algebra homework ever! I like!

Gee gee gee...

Ps. Someone give me a $75 gift card of Delia*s. Please!! Please!! Please!!

^^ most likely not gonna happen. But i can dream right?

♪(´ε` )

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I went shopping with my friends!!!!

So much fun! We were at the mall for like 5 hours!!!!!

I ♥ it!!!

Gosh! There were so many cute things! From forever 21, Disney store, Claire's, Macys, Zumies (well not really my style), icing, etc.!!!!!!

We tried on lots of hairbands!!
I want them all!!! I wish I have all the money!

☆♪♪♪☆ "if I was a rich man la la la la la la la la lala la bidi bidi bum bidi..." ☆♪♪♪☆ ok enough of that!

Well shopping is just really fun!...

* cough *cough window shopping!

Well we took lots of pics and we weren't supposed too! But who cares!

This is just me!

Here we are!!

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