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halloween and autumn

Happy Halloween!!

OK these are the halloween spirited poupees that I saw lately!
to the left are me,❤ あゆえ❤, ♥Darling♥, 圭ちゃん♡゚+。゚, かんかん ,εїз 葉子~♫

halloween poupees
poupeegirl is going to have limited editions for the following days so i might post some other pictures!!oh by the way i think i can only post new blogs every weekends so yeah, if you care you can check!

last time ♥Kawaii♥ did an autum party and she made picture!! we're with winnie the pooh here are the pictures she did:

see you again!!!

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Hi people!!! i'm jonna!!! i have a poupeegirl and a meromero!!
i love japanese things and japanese musics
well this is my poupee:

my poupee

her name is jonna
i love my poupee~ my friends there are so nice to me!!
well, if you want to see my meromero this is her and her room:
my mero

her name is marsh! she's my first mero...i can't speak or write or read japanese so it's kind of hard to use meromeropark but some people that knows how to speak in english are so nice that they help me!! thank you!!
well see you next time!!! it's halloween so i'll show you what';s happenning to my mero and poupee,,maybe i'll post some things that happened to me too!!

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hello ! your blog its so nice, lets be friends

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