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i'm back!
i wasnt gone for too long ne?
what i'm up to that just started yesterday:
i'm trying to play poker face by lady gaga on piano
it's not that i'm good...i'm actually slow on learning...
i'm still on the intro and it's going to be hard to have both of my hands play at the same time
playing the left and right hand parts is the hardest part on playing the piano
and the truth is i dont even know how to read notes ack!
yeah i'm just a beginner...

i wish i could write a blog from my phone so it could be easier ne?
well this is just an update so bye byee

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harry potter

hello jonna here
i havent been here for a long long time!
it's because i'm lazy logging in the computer!
i think Fc2 need to make an application in iphone(for free) so i can write blogs more often and actually upload more pics directly from iphone

anyways i just watched the harry ootter HBP
it's an ok film!worth watching! kind of good...
i wanted more from it though
i'm actually excited for the last two movies though
the last book was awesomely good!

anyways i wanted to shere this vdeo of an interview to Emma watson, rupert grint, and daniel radcliffe:

i absolutely loved how she interviewed them!! it's very unique and entertaining!!
i couldnt stop giggling
but i think she should have interviewed tom felton too!
do you have a twitter?
follow me then!
my twitter

see you again i dont know when

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