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today's lunch

Fresh lumpia!! And suman! Both are traditional Filipino foods!

Btw no me gusta mashed potatoes

Yumm Yumm I'm full!!

So last night we got our 3D tv!!

It's 55 inches and it has Internet and 3D capability!! Yayyyy!!

Look! It's an inch thick! My dad setting it up!

And yesterday I made sketches! I haven't done any for almost a year!

Fur vest and leather shorts!

Balenciaga bag



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errrrr.... i have no life so I was not doing anything today.
THEN! i decided to go to topshop.com and see products that i WANTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was really satisfied on looking...ugh how i wish i was shopping and i have all the money in the world so that i can get everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capture.png Capture2.png
lace and batwinged! OMG
^^ the shrug is just something to add layers on the outfit and give it more dimension to it
i want it!


this top just looks cool! especially with heavy metal accessories!

definitely dress-y and girly!

^^ i've been loooonging to have a leather jacket! and these have shearlings in them and it's just sooo in since it's winter!

Capture6.pngi just love this dress.Capture10.pngCapture11.pngCapture18.png

well..i'm just going to post the pics... they will speak for themselves on why i really really want them!



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day after christmas

I was cleaning the whole day!
I just watched Ramona and Beezus... It's not very good in my opinion.
And now I'm going to finish watching "I'm a Cyborg but that's ok"
It's a Korean movie!
Ahhhhhh I'm tired!
Btw I made a body pillow! Yayayyaayy

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merry merry merry Christmas

Soooooo we ended up that time in SACRAMENTO!


^^ Filipino bibingka

^^ parol decorated market

^^palabok from Chowking

^^ driving around Sacramento


These were this midnight

^^ this tart is really really good!! I don't even know if it really is a tart!

^^ Asian (precisely Filipino) junk food love!!!♥


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going somewhere

Well I'm definitely going somewhere today...
We planned Vallejo and San Francisco but now maybe sacramento or LA(nooo jkjk too far)

Well this is my outfit!

Ignore the background!! Shshshhshshshahhahha

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winter break

So it's winter break, started on Friday, finals done, just blogging today.. Coolness..

Well I'm going to share some pics!
Me when I was reviewing for finals

I'm not that ready for Christmas.. Are you??

I'm pretty sure i'm not getting any gifts.. Or actually I already got one. An eye mask.
Me and my sister. I have the not amused face! I like that mask but it's bothering to sleep with it!!

And this is my drawing final...

Framed it coz I'm giving it as a gift.

Not a fantastique framing job but hey it was done at home without those fancy tools

The colors got sooooo much darker when I sprayed it with final fixative.


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finals soon!!

So i took my finals for drawing home coz I'm waaaay behind schedule...
I stil have to do another kid.. They are three kids... Well I was doing this at our garage last night.

I'm so tired. But now I have to study Spanish. And find a better pic of the other kid.

Yeah yeah I need to make it amazing!!

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suupe cute bag!

I just want to post this: IT"S THE CUTEST BAG EVAAAARRRRR>>>
urban outfitters

well some people might not agree with me.. i really really want it! aghhh if i only have money...*thats m-o-n-e-y so sexy--sorry for the random quoting of Lady Gaga's Money honey

just bored...
it's sunday meaning it's Monday tomorrow and theres school...

oh yeah since it's ALMOST Chirstmas we should all do a wishlist!

(even though i won't ever get them... nut hey it free to wish for gifts rightttt?

hahaha ^^^^ well that bag is going in my wishlist!

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- tagfashion bag


I just got done stitching the ruffles!

Sooo far this is what my future-pillow will look like!

It's just super amazing!!! I Love blue!! And I Looove my fabrics!!!

Well this is a work of a 1st time sewer! Don't judge! Lol

Look how clean the back is!

This is amazing!!

Well well well...
In drawing we did a caricature and I did snooki! I was gonna do Justin beiber but... Nahh..
I'm finished with it!
I'll take pics as soon as I take them home!!

Well I'm working on my final and the concept is how cute little kids are!! Hahahaha

Well it's a pastel drawing and I'm drawing 3 kids! Yup 3 kids!!

Soo far.. I'm not super In Looove with what I'm doing! U know how weird it looks to start on light colors of the faces!! Ahhh It has to look good! It's my final.errrrr.., well I'm going to make it look super good! Just watch!! FIGHTING!

Ahhh I wish there's a real Santa..
And I wish I get presents at Christmas because I never did since 3 years ago. Big change. I want money so I could at least feed my hunger for material things....
Sigh sigh sigh

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