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San Francisco - LA

hi!! jonna here
soooo....i havent been here for weeks..or days
anyways on july 28 i went to san franciso for the 4th time! yay!
i love san francisco!
pics pics pics here we go!!!
ack! i need to resize them to 500 kb! how small! ugh!

here is the way to San Francisco! i think i have a better picture where you can seee the wind mills but who cares?! no one really reads my blog ne?

here's is a picture on our way to a bridge in San francisco...
it's not the golden gate bridge by the way

oh here's the touring bus i think that says hyde st.

two pics of a mall i forgot the namehehehe sorry, anyways cool ceiling of the mall

this is the tower in san francisco! you could see it really well at the bay

well from north california to south california!
Los Angeles California!!
i went here for the first time!!!! next stop is new york city! lol! that's too far! and it will cost a lot of money
so why did we go to LA?
it was supposed to be my sister only(with her classmate) to go see VAMPS concert but her friend cant come!!!! so i went with here! yay!
actually it was originally supposed to be me but i dont want to pay for the tickets
but the concert was worth it!!!!!
ok enough said! pics pics pics here we go!

the sight on our way to LA...it looks like a desert to me

next pic is....window in LA dedicated to HARRY POTTER HALF BLOOD PRINCE
there was actually another window dedicated to UP but i didnt took a pic of it! i regret it

since i compromise... here's a pic of a window with human size cardboard of edward and bella of Twilight sorry but i just cant take a good pic of it because of the reflection.. haahahayou could see me taking a pic of it!!

next one is the disney trophiesi need one of those hahaha lol!!

neeee~~you cant go to hollywood without seeing the walk of fame!!!! so here's the star of Julie andrews
i have more pics of strars and i'm going to upload them here:

last and the best was the concert of VAMPS!! i saw hyde of L'arc~en~ciel the vocalist!!! and kazu the guitarist and ju-ken the bassist!
heres what i did with my iphone app doodle buddy
i'm so sad we cant take photos of them and in the concert..
so anyways it was at wiltern theater on August 1!
it was the best way to start a month ne?
heres some pics... i dont own them my sister took a pic of sign but it's still in her phone so i cant get it yet...yeah i didnt bring my phone or bag in the concert! just myself

and you know what sucks???? right after the concert we went to our hoteel so i didnt get to see VAMPS get out but it's ok coz we were in the standing pit below the stage so we could really see them at least!! but i'm actually short and i sometimes cant see hyde and kazu! i was on ju-ken side the left side and kind of in the back of the pit but it was ok!!! at least i was technically in the front!
here's a video!

i am proud to say i was there!

so here i am signing out!
travelling in the car going home from LA! this was on sunday! August 2~
bye~ i think this post is good for 3 weeks lol~ jk sorry if my pic broke your computer! hahahaha
jonna xxxxxx

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