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I went shopping with my friends!!!!

So much fun! We were at the mall for like 5 hours!!!!!

I ♥ it!!!

Gosh! There were so many cute things! From forever 21, Disney store, Claire's, Macys, Zumies (well not really my style), icing, etc.!!!!!!

We tried on lots of hairbands!!
I want them all!!! I wish I have all the money!

☆♪♪♪☆ "if I was a rich man la la la la la la la la lala la bidi bidi bum bidi..." ☆♪♪♪☆ ok enough of that!

Well shopping is just really fun!...

* cough *cough window shopping!

Well we took lots of pics and we weren't supposed too! But who cares!

This is just me!

Here we are!!

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