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I just got done stitching the ruffles!

Sooo far this is what my future-pillow will look like!

It's just super amazing!!! I Love blue!! And I Looove my fabrics!!!

Well this is a work of a 1st time sewer! Don't judge! Lol

Look how clean the back is!

This is amazing!!

Well well well...
In drawing we did a caricature and I did snooki! I was gonna do Justin beiber but... Nahh..
I'm finished with it!
I'll take pics as soon as I take them home!!

Well I'm working on my final and the concept is how cute little kids are!! Hahahaha

Well it's a pastel drawing and I'm drawing 3 kids! Yup 3 kids!!

Soo far.. I'm not super In Looove with what I'm doing! U know how weird it looks to start on light colors of the faces!! Ahhh It has to look good! It's my final.errrrr.., well I'm going to make it look super good! Just watch!! FIGHTING!

Ahhh I wish there's a real Santa..
And I wish I get presents at Christmas because I never did since 3 years ago. Big change. I want money so I could at least feed my hunger for material things....
Sigh sigh sigh

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